About Us

The purpose of By Frankie is to create natural products that turn everyday moments in to little luxuries. In a busy world, with less and less time, making the most of each opportunity to love ourselves is something we should all strive for

We think about how it feels to use our Products. We will often include additions to make your soap or cream work harder (naturally of course). This includes the use of clays, herbal powders, vitamins and oils, to make your skin healthier. We also promise to surprise you and make you smile every time you open your order.

Our mission is to make sure anything we sell is made with an awareness for the environment. All our soap packaging is home compostable. Even the labels. Our creams come in amber glass jars and we try and use Kraft boxes and environmental choices for our postal packaging - whilst ensuring your purchase gets to you in one piece! We use organic or sustainably sourced ingredients, as standard, wherever we can.

For the Community:

 Our products are lovingly made in Oxfordshire and we care about our local community. We already work with some local suppliers and partners and would love the opportunity to expand this, If you would like to work with us please get in touch.

Coming later this year - Soap & Social
(soap, cake and the chance to chat!)

This is a fun 'blind testing' session of all our soaps. A bit like wine tasting without the alcohol! It is a chance for friends, neighbours and community members to come together and make friends over soap. Organised in the same way as a wine tasting, your group will test each of our 9 soaps and make notes. Answering questions about the properties of each soap, this takes a quiz format where the winner/s take home free gifts. As well as being an informative session on soap, it is the chance for a chat and a even a slice of cake.

Please get in touch if you run a community or interest group and would like a Soap & Social session with By Frankie.